Mercury in Aquarius (Shadow Mercury in Leo)

Always pick the red pill when Mercury is in Aquarius!

Let your mind wander beyond what you can see – dream, create, and change thought patterns. During its transit through the Aquarius constellation, Mercury will galvanize inspirational thoughts and inventions, or new ways of “doing life’.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign and Mercury loves to be in air signs. The mind spins with delight as light bulb after light bulb flash. Aquarius rules the future so many of your thoughts could be how can you help society move forward.  Often, Aquarius is referred to as a rebel – a thinker whose avant-garde, progressive, non-traditional and modern ideas are a turn off because not everyone wants change or embraces it. Change can be scary, even though it doesn’t have to be if you tell yourself every day that change is the only constant, and change is easy and fruitful.  

Aquarius focuses on the conscious collective so you may consider seeing friends, calling an old acquaintance, or joining a club or group. Nourish your mind by reaching out and hanging out with others who share your interests. This is time to feel some comradery with others – feel connected to something bigger than us.  

Your mind will focus and contemplate what is unique about you. You will want to show how unique you are. Every mind functions differently. If you seek intellectual and complex discussions on atypical subjects such as aliens, astrology, spiritual truths, or other non-typical daily conversation, you will feel refreshed and intrigued.

Shadow Mercury in Leo

A Shadow planet is the 180-degree, opposite, polarity placement of the natal planet. The Shadow planets are part of the Shadow Chart, a mirror of the Natal Chart representing the unconscious*.

The unconscious mind, represented as the shadow of Aquarius is Leo. Shadow Mercury wants to connect the mind with the heart during this transit. Your shadow self may be triggered by seeing intellectual, unconventional, and inhuman thoughts that aren’t tied into unconditional love. The unconscious mind yearns for vulnerability within the new thinking patterns.  

© Amy Domres,

Shadow Chart Astrology Overview

*Shadow Chart Astrology proposes a new paradigm for psychological astrology, paving the way to full integration of your psyche to achieve enlightenment. Shadow Chart Astrology focuses on the Shadow Chart. The Shadow Chart complements the birth profile by mapping the polarity points of the planets in the Natal Chart to create an opposite Shadow Chart which functions as the yin unconscious if the Natal Chart is the yang consciousness via the principles of non-duality. You activate the center of both charts transmuting the energies between them. Once all the archetypes of the signs, houses, and planets are balanced between the Natal and Shadow Chart axes your unconscious becomes conscious and you transform into an enlightened being, a human being who can create and exist in the present moment without attachments.

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