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The 4-Part Astrology Healing Path

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Part 1 – Shadow Chart™ Astrology Reading (Shadow Moon + Lunar Nodal Axis)

An Astrology Reading Like No Other!
It is a real revelation to see yourself from the opposite perspective — surprising indeed! We will delve into your unconscious by interpreting your shadow moon in tandem with your natal moon by sign and house, followed by an extensive conversation about your shadow lunar nodal axis. The south node contains clues to your karma, what you like to do and what you do not like to do, and the north node contains the essence of your soul missions. This reading includes an in-depth study of your chart, a personalized written report, and a one-hour Zoom session.

Rate: $149

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Part 2 – Shadow Chart Astrology Reading (Remaining Shadow Planets + Aspects)

You Cannot Learn Everything About Your Shadow Chart in One Reading!

Part 2 will focus on the remaining shadow planets by house and sign beginning with the shadow sun and moving outwards to your shadow Pluto. An average reading covers 2-3 planets, so you are encouraged to do as many as you want until you completely understand the energy of your all your shadow planets. Once the planets are understood, we will then focus on the “new” aspects formed in your Shadow Chart. This reading includes an in-depth study of your chart, a personalized written report, and a one-hour session.
Rate: $123

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Part 3 – Shadow Chart Astrology Reading (Shadow Chart Transits)

This reading helps manifest your dreams!
We will explore where the transiting heavenly bodies are on your Shadow Chart. We peek into the future and talk about what your goals are and then align them with cycles of the upcoming planetary transits. This reading can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Each session, you will receive a written, personalized astrology report which includes key dates for the selected period of time you choose. Rates start at $99 for weekly or monthly reports and increase to $149 for a quarterly report, and $250 for a year’s overview. Email me for the link for the quarterly or year’s review.
Rate: $123

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Part 4 – Shadow Healing Techniques

Healing Your Shadow is a Path to Enlightenment
Often during a reading, the Shadow Chart reveals trauma or core memories from your childhood (or possibly later in life). Below are curative methods that include mystical, spiritual, and 3D techniques designed for creating new neural pathways and healing the unconscious.
Rate $123

Part 4 – Shadow Healing Techniques (Aligning with Your Enlightened Self)

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Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy is an alternative to talk therapy. In each session we personalize methodologies for accessing your shadow. This is an option for you if you have used traditional therapy and need it contextualized into spiritual truths. I offer knowledge about life between lives and the spiritual laws of the universe. I incorporate astrology as well as the other Shadow Healing Techniques.
Rate: $99

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Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrievals allows for fragmented parts of your soul, or trauma, to be reintegrated into the soul, mind, and body. I bend space/time to take you back to that moment, and with the help of angels, guides, and source, I channel the catharsis and the reintegration of soul fragment that had to die for you to survive. You will be in a meditative state while it happens with the protection of guides, ancestors, and angels.
Rate: $99

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Channeled Chakra Energy Realignment

Channeled Chakra Energy Realignment allows me to channel personalized information from your guides and angels to reset your vibrational frequency to be aligned with your true nature. You will be in a meditative state while it happens and upon wakening you will feel more grounded, safe, and powerful. It is a wonderful to hear affirmations from your guides and get messages from them.
Rate: $99


1. Birth Certificate: You will need a copy of your birth certificate, or your exact birth time, birth date, and birthplace. If you do not know the exact time, please do not guess and use “unknown” or write away to the hospital or county where you were born prior to booking a reading.

2. Select Part 1: Please start with Part 1 if you have never had a reading with me. After your Part 1 reading you are welcome to jump around to Parts 2-4.

3. Click “BOOK NOW”: you will be redirected to a payment (prices in US dollars) and scheduling page. I offer a sliding scale.

4. Proof Charts: You will receive an email copy of your Shadow Chart and your Natal Chart to proof prior to your reading.

5. Zoom Meeting: We can meet via the Zoom link included in your booking email. If you choose to use Zoom, I will send you the recorded session via email. You will have 30 days to download it to your computer.

6. Do not want to use Zoom? We can meet by phone, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. I highly recommend the session be recorded.

7. Personalized Report: I will provide you with a personalized written report of key components in your chart. I look forward to working with you!