Shadow Chart Instructions

Create Your Shadow Chart

It’s easy. I promise. All you do is map the polarity points of your planets, meaning you place the shadow planets exactly 180 degrees opposite your natal placements. You keep the same house system, signs, and degrees on the cusp of each house. Only the planets change their location in the chart. That’s it.

Study the sample Natal and Shadow Charts below so that you can understand what stayed the same and what changed. Do you know what changed? Only the positions of each planet to its opposite sign and house creating new aspect patterns.

Sample Natal Chart

Astrology chart in a blue color

Sample Shadow Chart

Astrology chart of a someone

Here are the steps:

1. Get a copy of your natal chart. If you don’t have one, then click here.

2. Print off a blank astrology chart.

3. Copy the astrology sign glyphs in an identical way in the boxes located on the outside of the Shadow Chart. To do this, find the sign of your AC, ASC, Ascendant, or rising. The Ascendent ALWAYS resides in the astrology sign always located in the far-left box of the wheel. Whatever that glyph is, it should be duplicated onto the Shadow Chart. Once this is done, draw the remaining astrology sign glyphs around the wheel in the exact order of the Shadow Chart. Again, it should match exactly your Natal Chart identically. Review the examples above if needed.

Example from Above: In the Natal and Shadow Charts above the first sign in the far-left box that contains the ascendent is Taurus. The Shadow Chart should have the Taurus glyph, ♉, in the same spot too, followed by Gemini, ♊, below it. The sign that appears above Taurus is Aries, ♈. If you do not have a Taurus rising, then your glyphs will be different from the example above. It’s crucial you use your own Natal Chart and copy it exactly.

Example from Both Natal & Shadow Charts Above –

Example Only because Your Chart May Have a Different Rising Sign

Natal And Shadow Sign Glyph Sign
Sign where ASC or AC AppearsTaurus
Sign #2 CounterclockwiseGemini
Sign #3Cancer
Sign #4Leo
Sign #5Virgo
Sign #6Libra
Sign #7Scorpio
Sign #8Sagittarius
Sign #9Capricorn
Sign #10Aquarius
Sign #11Pisces
Sign #12Aries

4. Next, take a ruler or a sturdy piece of paper and mark your houses exactly as they are marked in your Natal Chart.

Example from Above: In both the Natal and Shadow Charts above the first house starts at 1.58 degrees Taurus, followed by the 2nd house at 3.29 degrees Gemini, etc.

Mark your house cusps in your Shadow Chart exactly as they appear in your Natal Chart.

Example from Both Natal & Shadow Charts Above –

Example Only because Your Chart May Have a Different Rising Sign

House # Degree Sign
House #11.58Taurus
House #23.29Gemini
House #327.14Gemini
House #416.54Cancer
House #515.03Leo
House #622.19Virgo
House #71.58Scorpio
House #83.29Sagittarius
House #927.14Sagittarius
House #1016.54Capricon
House #1115.03Aquarius
House #1222.19Aquarius

5. Make a list of your natal planets by sign and degree BUT don’t mark them on the chart. Only the Shadow planets will appear on your chart. If you have a natal planet in retrograde, then add the Rx next to the planet’s glyph.

Example from Sample Natal Chart Above –

Example Only because Your Chart Will Have Different Degrees and Signs

Natal Planet Degree Sign
Natal Sun12.10Leo
Natal Moon0.57Capricorn
Natal Mercury Rx4.56RLeo
Natal Venus6.34Leo
Natal Mars27.44Gemini
Natal Jupiter18.14Leo
Natal Saturn12.50Virgo
Natal Uranus16.58Scorpio
Natal Neptune Rx17.53RSagittarius
Natal Pluto16.51Libra

6. Now, THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT CHANGES. Make a list of your shadow planets using the same degree but opposite sign (exactly 180 degrees away).

Example from Sample Natal Chart Above –

Example Only because Your Chart Will Have Different Degrees and Signs

Shadow Planet Same Degree Opposite Sign from your Natal Sign
Shadow Sun12.10Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo)
Shadow Moon0.57Cancer (Opposite sign of Capricorn)
Shadow Mercury Rx4.56RAquarius (opposite sign of Leo)
Shadow Venus6.34Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo)
Shadow Mars27.44Sagittarius (opposite sign of Gemini)
Shadow Jupiter18.14Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo)
Shadow Saturn12.50Pisces (opposite sign of Virgo)
Shadow Uranus16.58Taurus (Opposite sign of Scorpio)
Shadow Neptune Rx17.53RGemini (opposite sign of Sagittarius)
Shadow Pluto16.51Aries (Opposite sign of Libra)

7. Now, just mark your shadow planets on your chart by putting a hash on the degree where it belongs and the glyph for the planet. If you forget what the glyph looks like it, the key is below. Do Not Mark Your Natal Planets – Only the Shadow Planets.

Planet Glyph

8. Add in “R” next to the glyph of the planet if your natal planet is in retrograde because it will be retrograde in your Shadow Chart also.

9. Now, using a ruler or hard side of a piece of paper, draw new aspect lines between the planets by starting with Ptolemy ones – conjunction (planets near and within 6 degrees of each other), sextile (planets 60 degrees apart), square (planets 90 degrees apart), trine (planets 120 degrees apart), and opposition (planets 180 degrees apart). Again, only mark the aspects between your Shadow Planets.

10. Want to go further? Mark the degree of your natal ascendent and descendent using AC/DC, or ASC/DSC, and do the same thing for your MC and IC.

Voilà! It’s a map of your unconscious!

What do you think? Is your mind blown to see yourself backwards? You are looking at the unconscious force that makes your consciousness, your Shadow Chart. Learn more about how to interpret your Shadow Chart.

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