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Shadow Chart Astrology

“New Book Release – A Must Read for Astrologers & Self-Healers!”
“A New Tool for Psychological Astrology to Access Your Unconscious Shadow Self”
“Amy has all 5-star reviews on social media!”

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Shadow Chart Astrology proposes a new paradigm for psychological astrology, paving the way to full integration of your psyche to achieve enlightenment. Shadow Chart Astrology focuses on the Shadow Chart. The Shadow Chart complements the birth profile by mapping the polarity points of the planets in the Natal Chart to create an opposite Shadow Chart which functions as the yin unconscious if the Natal Chart is the yang consciousness via the principles of non-duality. You activate the center of both charts transmuting the energies between them. Once all the archetypes of the signs, houses, and planets are balanced between the Natal and Shadow Chart axes your unconscious becomes conscious and you transform into an enlightened being, a human being who can create and exist in the present moment without attachments.

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New Book Release – A Must Read for Astrologers & Self-Healers!
This book is a complete guide to understanding a new Shadow Chart tool for you to access your unconscious shadow self using astrology. Be your own shadow worker and heal yourself. Everyone has a Shadow Chart within their Birth Chart. You always have. You just didn’t know it until now. And the reason you didn’t know it is because you couldn’t see it, just like you can’t see the unconscious without help. Check out this incredible new paradigm.

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Get your own Shadow Chart Reading!
A Shadow Chart reading allows us to peel back the layers of your childhood collective, social, and personal trauma so you can find your true untethered nature. My abilities to channel, source and bend space/time allow me to use my psychic gifts and gentle healing techniques during our time together.

“Planets and Shadow Planets are placed in the sign and house of the chart specifically because these exact energies are needed for your soul to complete your missions. For example, if the primary goal of the incarnation is to free yourself from a complex emotional, physical, and psychological structure, then you may choose to be a Virgo sun or possibly a Virgo Chiron.”

“If in the result of this freedom, you enlighten, then you will have balanced all axes and all planets’ energies as one and the birth chart ceases to exist, and you become the lotus and all your karma is balanced through all lifetimes withdrawing you from the karmic cycle. What many humans don’t understand is that the birth chart is always active. Anyone can surpass the energies of the birth chart through their evolution within one lifetime by balancing the axes between the Natal and Shadow Charts.”

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“I just had a natal chart reading with Amy and what can I say, it was incredible! First, she was great to work with in getting a time set up — easy and flexible with my schedule. The reading revealed so much beyond any reading I've done before. The focus on my life purpose and on healing old wounds was so insightful, and spot on. I genuinely feel that I have more direction, and affirmation of the 'nudges' I've been receiving from the universe. She saw it all in my chart. Pretty cool!” Amy has over 20+ 5-star reviews on Facebook.

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Amy Domres

You can’t imagine the expedition I went on that led me to the Shadow Chart. I endured decades of healing myself repeatedly as layers of belief systems that were not mine were transmuted within me. When all is said and done, I love doing shadow work — the pain, the release, the healing, the joy, the happiness, the sadness, the body, the mind, the horror, the comfort. Thankfully, I am in less pain on a regular basis and get to be my real self.