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“A New Tool for Psychological Astrology to Access Your Unconscious Shadow Self”

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This book is a complete guide to understanding a new Shadow Chart tool for you to access your unconscious shadow self using astrology. Be your own shadow worker and heal yourself. Everyone has a Shadow Chart within their Birth Chart. You always have. You just didn’t know it until now. And the reason you didn’t know it is because you couldn’t see it, just like you can’t see the unconscious without help. Check out this incredible new paradigm.

What is the Unconscious Shadow

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The soul encompasses the body around the time of birth and detaches at death. We live on a planet of learning, an illusion, an experimental time/space that serves many purposes, one of which is self-recognition, and focused creation of reality. Each soul continues to incarnate and inhabit different bodies until it recognizes itself as “I AM” or, consciousness, or source itself. Your unconscious holds all the information of all concurrent incarnations (past and future) and is the main instrument we use to guide, advance, and complete this voyage during our journey.

You can see from C.G. Jung’s model of the psyche below that a collective unconscious and a personal shadow form a distinct part of our inner world. Chimenti’s video does an excellent job of explaining these concepts. It is here in the shadow that we store parts of ourselves that we deem too unsafe for our ego to see. These parts were hidden because as a child we had a child’s consciousness. At that time, we had a limited ability to fully comprehend what was happening, and lacking the skillset to address anything overtly uncomfortable, combined with the fact that we rely on our caregivers and society for our survival, the mind relegates these vulnerabilities to a place where they can’t be consciously expressed. It’s a safety mechanism. Once you gain enough life experience and skills to deal with the upsetting and traumatic events in your life, you can explore what has been held there and heal because that is your birthright.

All humans have free will. This concept of free will is part of the Earth’s charter. No other energetic being or soul can force you to do anything. You must, on your own accord, gently and with grace discover your own unconscious and your own shadow yourself.

Shadow Chart Astrology Definition

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  1. Shadow Chart Astrology is the study of the Birth Chart which contains a Natal Chart (yang conscious) in tandem with the Shadow Chart (yin unconscious).
  2. The Shadow Chart has always existed in the Birth Chart. More specifically, the Birth Chart represents the Natal Chart and Shadow Chart combined.
  3. The Shadow Chart is named after the Shadow Self, a term coined by C.G. Jung. The Shadow Self is any "good," or "bad" thoughts or behaviors deemed not appropriate for survival and hence regulated to unknown parts of our mind and body. While the Shadow Self usually refers to only one part of the unconscious, the Shadow Chart is all-encompassing and includes the entirety of the unconscious.
  4. The purpose of Shadow Chart Astrology is to use, study, and interpret the Natal and Shadow Charts holistically for achieving enlightenment, which is brought about by making the unconscious conscious followed by the transmutation of the energies (planetary energies included) within the polarities or axes of both the Natal and Shadow Charts simultaneously.
  5. As with all terracentric charts, you are represented as the “X” in the circle in middle of the chart. As the primary force central to both the Natal and Shadow charts, you transmute and contain all energies in all planets, all signs, and all houses of both charts.
  6. As in the principle, “As above, so below,” all archetypes that exist within you—mirrored by the planet, sign, and house structure of the Natal Chart and Shadow Chart—must be mastered before enlightenment can occur. Once this happens, you become more than your Natal and Shadow Charts. In a spiritual sense, you have transmuted the energies contained within both charts and are simultaneously those traits and not those traits, for you are consciousness yourself.
  7. A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, no matter the evolutionary state in which such an individual finds himself or herself.

Shadow Chart Needs Your Exploration

The Shadow Chart is an amazing new paradigm, but it is just that, it’s new. It will take many people reporting their findings to fully understand the information contained in the Shadow Chart. The Shadow Chart can be extrapolated much more once it is understood. We can do each other’s Shadow Charts in synastry or maybe we can have a Shadow Solar Return Chart. All is up for grabs as we collectively begin to understand this new perspective. If the Shadow Chart resonates with you, and you find it useful, then think about devoting more time to furthering its application to as many branches of astrology as a good fit.

Consider purchasing the accompanying book, Learn Shadow Chart Astrology to Uncover and Transmute Your Unconscious for a complete guide to using this new tool. This book hopefully marks the beginning of a new paradigm shift. Shadow Chart Astrology needs to be vetted further and could be incorporated into astrology and psychology fields for optimum use of this new tool.

How to Integrate the Shadow Chart into Your Astrology Practice

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The best way to integrate this knowledge is to start using the Shadow Chart in your own life and with clients, friends, and family. Here are some tips below. Please note this is a starting point and you can try and find new ways or methods of interpretation. It will take time and practice.

  1. Consciously Choose to See Your Shadow – Make an intention. It can be “Universe, help me understand what I cannot see about myself. Show me what is inside my unconscious so that I can become enlightened.” This may be more than you want, so if that is the case, then craft it to your own needs. Remember nothing you ask for is right or wrong, it is just “is.”
  2. Use your background and knowledge to interpret the Shadow Chart as you would the Natal Chart. Research the archetypes of all your shadow planets, houses, and their accompanying aspects. The goal is to memorize your Shadow Chart with the same degree of knowledge you have about your Natal Chart. Make this an intention too.
  3. Write out the upcoming transits to your Shadow Chart each month. Pay close attention to how it feels to have a planet conjunct your shadow planet instead of opposing your natal planet. Watch to see how you can use the transit consciously to unlock what’s in the unconscious by making an intention prior to the transit. In fact, after you make the list of the upcoming transits then maybe write down accompanying questions or intentions you want answered relating to the shadow planet and the transiting planet during their combined aspect.
  4. At some point, combine the Natal Chart and Shadow Chart in the same chart to see the full Birth Chart or birth profile. Once you are at this stage then you can begin to transmute the changes needed once the information comes from your unconscious. Remember that the birth chart has a small circle in the middle which represents you on Earth. Some astrology programs add an “X” to the middle of tiny circle in the middle of the chart wheel. That “X is you! You are in the middle of both charts simultaneously transmuting the energies from the conscious to the unconscious and back again.
  5. Focus on balancing the energies from the natal planet to the shadow planet and back again so the opposition is perfectly balanced. Do this not only with the axes that contain planets, but with the axes that don’t contain planets. If you don’t have a planet in an axis that means you didn’t choose to have one there. However, you are still responsible for balancing both sign’s archetypes, nonetheless. This can be accomplished through transits to this axis.
  6. Identify the Shadow. It’s not easy but you will start to see yourself in a different way. If you are struggling to see your shadow, then go back to your earliest memory which was unpleasant and try to figure out what parts of yourself you locked away after that event happened. Analyze who you were before and after that event. Focus on what you gave up after that event happened. Or, maybe what did you have to change about yourself to survive? This can be one of the hardest parts. After you identify what changed then look at your Natal and Shadow Chart holistically to find this pattern inside yourself. Remember these charts are a reflection or map of yourself and vice versa.
  7. Transmute the Shadow. Once you can see the shadow, or the part of yourself you put away due to fear you can now change it. This isn’t easy work either but at least you are now aware of it. Let’s say for example you feared being yourself because every time you did that you were not accepted. You became someone else to get your needs met as a child. Well, then how do you be yourself? This takes time and if you can, meditation. You must redirect your needs into the world and that isn’t always easy to do, but it is possible, and you can do it. Take time out each day to figure out what your needs are and work diligently to overcome this pattern. Use affirmations and visualize your new self. Above all, never give up. It may seem daunting and difficult, but it is possible.
  8. The goal is complete integration of all planetary, astrological signs, and house archetypes. This will become easier and easier as you continue your work. Be proud of each step you take and make sure to mark your accomplishments. Shadow work is not easy. Anyone can do it though, and whatever your underlying reason for wanting enlightenment I send you peace and love. Once you balance the polarities you cease to become the “X” in the middle of the chart but a lotus instead. A lotus made up of the chart folding in on itself.
  9. It is critical that you share your findings with others if you feel comfortable doing so.